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     La Carlota City is geographically located at the southwest portion of central Negros Occidental. It is bounded in the north by the City of Bago; the mountain ranges of Kanlaon Volcano in the east, the town of La Castellana in the southwest; the town of Pontevedra in the south and the town of San Enrique in the west. La Carlota City is composed of 14 barangays: 3 urban and 11 outside the poblacion with a total land area of 13,729 has. La Carlota City is 21 meters above sea level and its climatic condition ranges from January 10 to May as dry season and wet for the rest of the year.

     The economic condition reflected in its 2014 Annual Budget of P317,143,781.00 derived from various sources, the increase collections of local taxes of P 1,000,000.00 and the internal revenue allotment (IRA) national share of P271,143,781.00 an increase of 11.65% compared to 2013 IRA Level.

     Sugar is the main agricultural product of La Carlota, considered as the main source of income.

     Almost 96% of the residents of La Carlota speak Ilonggo and the remaining speak a conglomeration of various languages or dialects. English is generally under stood by the populace. The majority of the population are Roman Catholics with 76% of the total population. The rest are distributed among Aglipayans, Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists, the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, and born again groups.

     La Carlota City is a market center for nearby municipalities and has a potential among the growth centers of the province. It is considered as one of the tourist destinations of Negros Island.

     The City of La Carlota stands in the threshold of development opportunities. Its abundantly rich natural resources beckon those with a pioneering and adventurous spirit to rediscover the “lure” of the City, it’s land and people.